The V-601 bookshelf is a versatile, high-quality speaker that redefines value in this category. It shares the same 7-inch woofer as the 6-Series speakers but it features a new 1-inch soft dome tweeter developed just for the V Series. The fidelity V-601s produce is comparable to speakers that cost three times as much — and the cabinet quality and finish are in a class by themselves. Other features include a front slot port for easy installation.

2-way system : tweeter 1″ (9930-20NC), low-bass 7″ (8935A)
sensitivity: 86.5 dB @ 1 watt / 1m
nominal impedance: 8 ohms
frequency response (-3 dB): 44 Hz ~ 20 kHz
power handling: 70 watts
crossover frequencies: 2.22 kHz
weight: 12.6 kgs
dimensions (w x d x h): 23.8 cm x 29.2 cm x 44.5 cm

shipping weight: 14.5 kgs /pc
shipping box (w x d x h):  61 cm x 39.3 cm x 54.6 cm