This model is made for tube amplifier lovers. The output stage has two pairs of 6CA7 tubes wired in triode running in class A. Input tubes are 6SL7 and 6SN7. It is internally wired with VdH cables, has Tiffany connectors and employs Hovland and Mundorf polypropilene signal caps and ultra fast recovery diodes. The new, DCC version boasts double C core output transformers and C core chokes in power supply. This addition has brought the level of performance to a much higher level, making the Renaissance a standard in this price range. RENAISSANCE is a pair of monoblocks. First pairs of Renaissance dcc (as seen on the picture with cyliders containing transformers) will be shipped in September 2004. This is an amplifier for the hart!

Power: 50W (8/4 ohms)
Frequency response: 12Hz-40kHz (-3db)
Distortion (THD): 0.15%
Gain: 30dB
Sensitivity: 0.6V
Dimension: 380x170x310mm
Weight: 13kg