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The PHI speakers are fitted with a 3-way cross-over in order to optimise the qualities of the co-axial unit in combination with an extra low-midrange/woofer. The mid-range frequencies are carried by 10 cm unit of the co-axial driver and the low-frequencies by both woofers. Thanks to this so called 2.5 way solution, the PHI speakers fully follow the SCS principles and offer, in an elegant and discrete format, high efficiency (93 dB) and high peak power handling (700 W).

Create your PHI system to suit your taste and your needs by selecting the Santorin 21 subwoofer and the right combination of satellites. The tower version of PHI places the co-axial driver at the optimum height for stereo recordings. The compact version is supplied with a full set of accessories for bookshelf and on wall use, either vertical or horizontal. Both versions and the subwoofer are available in glossy black and glossy white finish.