KVP 30 is the successor to our most successful product the KVP 10. We have made a very serious effort to make it look and sound better then the KVP 10. The chassis is made of a specially bent 5 mm aluminium which was designed by Mr. Nikola Knežević. This preamplifier now has a single power supply which was totally redesigned for this product. The new power supply in the KVP 30, unlike the previos model, has a shunt voltage regulator with a massive 1000uF filtering, an ECL 82 valve in the regulation and a 80VA mains toroid transformer. The KVP 30 is a line only preamplifer with 6 inputs, one recording output and two power amplifier outputs. The line section has one ECC82 and one ECC 81 valve per channel. KVP 30 has no overall feedback. It is completly internally wired with Van den Hul SCS18/C5 wires, has an Alps volume pot, Vishay resistors, gold plated teflon insulated RCA connectors and Mundorf Supreme signal capacitors. Remote volume control is included. A phono stage will be available very soon in the same separate chassis with MM and MC inputs.

Frequency response: 10Hz-110kHz
Distortion (THD): 0.15%
Gain: 21dB
Output impedance: 270 ohms
Dimension: 460x460x80mm
8 kgs