KVP 20 is Korato’s basic tube preamplifier. It has five line inputs and is a one box unit. Inside KVP 20 has four valves (two ECC81 and two ECC82) in the audio section and one (ECL 82) valve in the power supply with ultra fast recovery diodes. Internal wiring is VdH CS-18/C5 cable, has a Alps volume pot, all of the connectors are gold plated with teflon insulation and signal capacitors are Mundorf polypropylene. We use Spectra Dynamics anti resonant feet to block any unwanted acoustic feedback. KVP 20’s design has no global feedback, a feature shared with our other preamplifiers. Remote control for volume is optional. A great budget preamp!

Frequency response: 8Hz-80kHz
Distortion (THD): 0.15%
Gain: 15dB
Output impedance: 470 ohms
Dimension: 480x72x300mm
Dimension of power supply: /
Weight: 6kg