This is the most powerful Korato valve amplifier. KVA-150dcc is a pair of mono blocks that have two pairs of KT90 tubes in ultralinear output stage. Input tubes are one ECC81 and two ECC82.

Internal wiring is with VdH cables, choke regulated power supply, it also employs Hovland and Mundorf polypropilene signal caps an ultra fast recovery diodes. The latest addition of C core chokes and double C core output transformers improve the quality by a wide margin and put the KVA 150 dcc in a class of its own.
A reference high power valve amp amplifier by any measure.

Power: 150W (8/4 ohms)
Fequent response: 8Hz-40kHz (-3db)
Distorzion (THD): 0.15%
Gain: 28dB
Sensitivity: 1.2V
Dimension: 430x200x320mm
Weight: 20kg