KTA 300 replaces the KTA 100 our best selling power amplifier. The construction of the KTA 300 is totally dual mono, like its predecessor, with 20% larger power transformers which are now 600VA each. The power supply capacitors are 36000uF each (two per channel) made by famous Italian manufaturer Kendeil. Other improvements are a new driver stage and new transistors for the driver and predriver stage. The chassis for the KTA 300 is the same style as the KVP 30 Other features are: complete dual mono construction with two 600VA toroidal transformers, 35A bridge and 144,000 uF of filter caps in the power supply, a completely symmetrical push-pull circuit with 3 pairs of Motorola bipolar transistors in the output stage of each channel, internal wiring is VdH SCS 12/18 and all connectors are gold plated/teflon insulated. It works in class A up to 30 W. A true powerhouse!

Power / 8 Ohm: 150W
Power / 4 Ohm: 300W
Frequency response: 8Hz-160kHz
Distortion (THD): <0.1%
Damping factor: >200
Gain 28dB
Sensitivity : 6kg
Signal/noise ratio 86dB
Dimension 460x460x185mm
Weight 25kg