The IN80se replaces the IN80. Slightly more expensive than IN 50se, this amp gives you beautiful on the stamps also more power. It goes even further than its predecessor, Diapason d’Or 2004, Choc du Monde de la Musique, Best Buy Hi Fi Sound and Reference Video Magazine, this integrated all awards received … As IN50se the IN80se also has a bypass input.


Models IN50, IN80, IN100, evolve in series OS:

* The Integrated become all remotely controllable (internal circuits pre-fitted);
* The remote control (sold séprarément) now manages the volume and source selection (including bypass);
* The Integrated all have an entry BY-PASS (use in power amplifier, easy integration in a system home-cinema);
* Internally, the coupling capacitors are MKP technology and source selection is done by relay;
* New Design: LED indication of the sources; standby; solid aluminum knobs.

IN80 is

With its original schematic, the IN80 is capable of supplying all types of speakers, including the most difficult. Listening, vivacity and naturalness of its sound will amaze you.

RMS Power Wrms/canal/8 Ω: 80 W
RMS Power Wrms/canal/4 Ω: 120 W
Pulse power: 150 W
Power (VA): 330
Total Capacitance (uF): 30 000
Number of entries: 4 + 1 monitor
Input impedance (kΩ): 47
Sensitivity (mV): 100
Rise time (ĩS): 2.5
Bandwidth: 5 Hz – 100 kHz
Output Level (0dB): –
SNR (dB): 100
Weight (kg): 8
Dimensions (mm): 440x90x270
Remote Control: Optional
Phono: optional
Natural aluminum finish: optional