First integrated amp range, NI 50se replaces the IN50 and gives you access to the world of sound for a low price Atoll.

It is now equipped with a bypass input which is pretty rare at this price level …


Models IN50, IN80, IN100, evolve in series OS:

* The Integrated become all remotely controllable (internal circuits pre-fitted);
* The remote control (sold séprarément) now manages the volume and source selection (including bypass);
* The Integrated all have an entry BY-PASS (use in power amplifier, easy integration in a system home-cinema);
* Internally, the coupling capacitors are MKP technology and source selection is done by relay;
* New Design: LED indication of the sources; standby; solid aluminum knobs.

IN50 is

A sober and elegant design, advanced electronics or each component was chosen for its musicality: the IN50 is the link is perfect to start with a high fidelity performance remarkable.

RMS Power Wrms/canal/8 Ω: 50 W
RMS Power Wrms/canal/4 Ω: 70 W
Pulse power: 90 W
Power (VA): 160
Total Capacitance (uF): 15 000
Number of entries: 4 + 1 monitor
Input impedance (kΩ): 47
Sensitivity (mV): 100
Rise time (ĩS): 3
Bandwidth: 5 Hz – 80 kHz
Output Level (0dB): –
SNR (dB): 100
Weight (kg): 7
Dimensions (mm): 440x90x270
Remote Control: Optional
Phono: optional
Natural aluminum finish: optional