The second valve integrated amplifier that Korato produced was designed with top quality and power in mind. Built to very high standards it has a triode-pentode switch so you can enjoy the sound of the KT-90 valves both ways.

Internally wired with van den Hul wires it also features ultra fast recovery diodes, Mundorf polypropylene coupling caps, gold plated connectors and an Alps volume potentiometer. The input stage consists of two ECC 81/12AT7 valves and two 12BH7’s. The output stages are a push-pull ultra linear connected pairs of KT-90’s.
Enjoy the full power of the pentode mode or the subtlety of the triode mode!

Power: 50W/8ohms – pentode mode; 25W/8ohms – triode mode
Input: 3 inputs (0.7V sensitivity)
Frequency response: 20hZ-40kHz (-3dB)
Signal/noise ratio: 90dB
Distortion (THD): 0.15%
Damping factor: /
Remote control: optional
Dimension: 430x200x320mm
Weight: 20 kgs