Power blocks 3 lanes 3x50W, to associate with the preamp multichannel PR 5.1 for the central and rear channels.


AV50 – AV80 – AV100

The three-channel amps AV50, AV80 and AV100 compasses are ideal for integrated or power amplifiers for audio-video 5 channels. These amps very musical, combining power and finesse, allowing the listener to dive into the action.

RMS Power Wrms/canal/8 Ω: 50 W
RMS Power Wrms/canal/4 Ω: 70 W
Pulse power: 90 W
Power (VA): 160
Total Capacitance (uF): 15 000
Number of entries: 3
Input impedance (kΩ): 47
Sensitivity (mV): 400
Rise time (ĩS): 1.5
Bandwidth: 5 Hz – 200 kHz
SNR (dB): 100 dB
Weight (kg): 7
Dimensions (mm): 440x90x270
Natural aluminum finish: optional