Anniversary is a valve preamplifier designed and made to honor Korato’s 10 years of making high quality audio products. Aimed for the absolute perfectionists who would not be satisfied with anything but the best, Anniversary combines top quality design and parts.

It is constructed in three boxes: two separate dedicated power supply boxes for each channel and the third housing the audio stages of the preamp. It has five line inputs. The preamplifier itself has two 5687 and two E180F valves, and each PS box has one ECL82 and one 85A2 valve. Each channel is powered with it own 80VA toroid transformer with ultra fast recovery diodes. Anniversary preamp is wired with VdH MCS 300 silver cables, has the black Noble potentiometer, Dynamicap TRT PP signal caps, Beyschlag 1W precision resistors, Black Gate bypass capacitors, all of the connectors are gold plated with teflon insulation. The preamp has no overall feedback. We use Spectra Dynamics anti resonant feet to block any unwanted acoustic feedback. Remote control for volume is optional. A true reference preamplifier!

Frequency response: 8Hz-90kHz
Distortion (THD): 0.15%
Gain: 15dB
Output impedance: 260 ohms
Dimension: 480x72x290mm
Dimension of power supply: 240x72x260mm
Weight: 14kg