Anniversery Phono Preamp is an addition to the Anniversary Preamp (or any other preamp) designed for the audiophiles that still use the analog turntable. High input sensitivity makes it almost universal so all MM as well as MC cartridges can be accommodated (except the ones with the lowest output voltages). The audio section has one 12AY7/6072 and one ECC83/12AX7 (or one ECC 82 in the normal gain version)) valve per channel. The power supply section has two ECL82 and two 85A2 valves. The Anniversary Phono preamp has no overall feedback and uses passive RIAA equalization. The highest quality parts and top workmanship are used here as in other Anniversary series amplifiers: Hovland polypropylene caps, VDH internal wiring and all of the connectors are gold plated with Teflon insulation and ultra fast recovery diodes. We use Spectra Dynamics anti resonant feet to block any unwanted acoustic feedback. Proclaimed „the best phono stage there is” by many! Sowter MC transformers are optional for low output MC cartridges. Now it can be ordered in two versions: normal gain version with gain of x100 for MM cartridges with above 1mV output and high gain version with x300 gain for low output MM and high output MC cartridges with 0.5-1mv output voltage.

Frequency response: 15Hz-40kHz
Distortion (THD): 0.15%
Gain: 46dB
Output impedance: 4700 ohms
Dimension: 480x72x290mm
Dimension of power supply: /
Weight: 7kg