Blocks 2x80W stereo power, to associate with the pre-amp stereo (PR200) in mono or bi-amping, or multi-channel preamp in PR 5.1.


AM50 – AM80 – AM100

Blocks stereo AM50, AM80, AM100 suit most applications and audio-video Stereo. Coupled with a PR100 or PR200, listening is transparent and detailed, individual plans are strictly adhered to. Very scalable, they can be used alone or in bi-amplification. In addition, all models are bridgeable mono block.

RMS Power Wrms/canal/8 Ω: 80 W
RMS Power Wrms/canal/4 Ω: 120 W
Pulse power: 150 W
Power (VA): 330
Total Capacitance (uF): 30 000
Number of entries: 2
Input impedance (kΩ): 47
Sensitivity (mV): 450
Rise time (ĩS): 1.4
Bandwidth: 5 Hz – 200 kHz
SNR (dB): 100 dB
Weight (kg): 8
Dimensions (mm): 440x90x270
Natural aluminum finish: optional