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ALTURA MC : Egéa 3, Iroise 3, Bora, Ambrose 3

The key to success comes from the subtle cocktail of experience and innovation. The co-axial technology by Cabasse is a major innovation in the loudspeaker world because its principle is the closest proposal to the theoretical ideal. It results from the 60 years experience Cabasse has in driver developments and the new version of the BC13 benefits from 20 years expertise in this type of midrange-tweeter.


Developed from the TC23, the three-way co-axial driver fitted to the top of the range speakers, including the flagship “La Sphère”, this new version of the BC13 has been optimized for even better performance when used as a two-way unit. The bandwidth is larger and the efficiency and the power handling are improved thanks to the use of new magnets offering a 30% increase in the force factor. The spatial coherency of this driver not only guarantees a faithful reproduction of timbres with no artificial coloration or lassitude in long listening, but provides a soundstage with unrivaled realism and depth.


The 17 cm (7”) woofers of Egea 3 are an evolution of the units initially designed for the BAHIA speaker. They are fitted with a DUOCELL cone, which is based on Rohacell® foam. The first DUOCELL membranes were designed by Cabasse in the 1980s and since that time they been manufactured by robots in a Cabasse group company. The very light, but rigid and nicely damped membrane has an exponential profile and variable thickness, to obtain the most of long throw systems and powerful magnets. They bring the full precision and vivacity required for high fidelity, true to live, sound.

The Cabasse development protocol combines numerous measurements in an anechoic room, combining on-axis and 360° results. It guarantees a perfect control of the directivity index and the total radiated power of the system all along the frequency bandwidth to match the SCS principles. It is a key process, together with listening sessions in several rooms, in the development of the cross-over boards. The slopes can vary from 6 to 24 dB per octave for an optimal acoustical phasing, taking into account the influence of the external shape of the enclosure to optimise the qualities of the co-axial drive-units.


The enclosures of Egea 3 and Iroise 3 look like their acoustical signature, pure and simple, free from any artificial appendix. Elegance outside, lots of technical solutions inside such as:

– Non-parallel side panels to remove standing waves – Variable thickness (up to 31mm) cabinet panels for rigidity and neutrality with an optimised volume for accurate loading of the woofers.

– Magnets to hold the front grill. When the speaker is being used without the grills, the front panel is free from pins or holes that can create diffraction effects. The magnets are located under the surface of the speaker, for a greater purity of sound and aesthetics.

– The bass-reflex port is positioned at the bottom end of the enclosure and fires vertically. It therefore reduces the creation of standing waves and provides a very efficient and linear extension of the low-frequencies thanks to a 360° radiation close to the floor.

– The spikes delivered with the Altura MC tower speakers are discrete but efficient. They allow a fine and easy adjustment of the speaker’s stability by means of an allen key once the chrome plated caps are pulled out.

Egea 3 offers the best of co-axial technology combined with twin 17cm woofers in an elegant speaker combining technology and tradition. For greater energy capacity and control in the low frequencies, with the same emotional power of the SCS technology, Iroise 3 and its twin 21cm (8”) woofers is the one to choose, whatever the user’s musical passion.

BORA, tradition and innovation

Years after Caravelle and Goélette 500, the first Cabasse compact 3-way loudspeaker systems including a 21 cm woofer, that are still being used by professionals and music lovers worldwide, we are proud to present Bora, a new monitor with stunning characteristics. The unique spectral and dynamic performance of the former monitors has been preserved and improved, with an ease and comfort in listening never before offered by a high efficiency bookshelf system. Bora combines the analytical accuracy and dynamic capacity expected from a monitor with a large sweet spot and the unique Cabasse 3D soundstage.
This combination of focus and smoothness has been achieved thanks to the wide frequency response of the BC13 co-axial midrange-tweeter and the new 21 cm Duocell cone woofer designed for Bora, combined with a variable order cross-over.


Fitted with the BC13 and the 17cm Duocell woofers of Egea 3, the new Ambrose 3 is a compact speaker designed for on wall and bookshelf use. The layout (often called d’Appolito design) with the 2-way coaxial midrange-tweeter unit situated between both woofers, combined with the slim design of the cabinet and sealed enclosure, enable its on wall use, either horizontally or vertically with the same optimum results. As a centre and surround speaker, it will ideally complement an Egea 3 or Iroise 3 stereo setup for a fully coherent multichannel extension. Cinema purists will use them as LCR front speakers placed vertically behind an acoustically transparent screen and as surround speakers, combined with a Santorin 30 subwoofer. With no restriction in the accuracy of timbres and soundstage and conforming to the principles of SCS technology, the Ambrose 3 delivers the typical Cabasse dynamic range and power handling in a compact enclosure.