Type: Universal Reader CD Audio, CD-R, CD-RW, Video CD, Super Video CD, DVD video, DivX, DVD Audio, SACD, Photo JPG, MP3 and WMA
Size: 120x430x390

Taken back: 1 S / PDIF, 1 TOS Link, 1 S / PDIF with SRC, 1 AES-EBU with CBC, 2 1 CVBS Y / C, 1 SCART output SCART RGB, CVBS
Programmable 5 BNC CVBS, Y / C, YUV, RGB, RGB, S-, RGB HS – SV, Synchro CVBS, Y Synchro, Synchro pure. 2 analogue audio outputs (L + R), 2 analog audio outputs (L + R) Balanced (XLR), 1 Subwoofer output on RCA connector

Menu bar: Preference Settings, Title / Beaches Chapter / Index Language dubbing, Language submenu, viewing angle, zoom, video program, Sound, Picture in Picture, Slow Motion, Time Lapse, Time Search, Control Access: Authorization to child lock disc


NEW : The new range of DVD Player 3D LAB. incorporates Dolby Digital, DTS and MPEG Audio. Readers read and decode DVD-Audio and SACD.

MILLENNIUM The DVD features a DAC 2000 CBC. The DAC 2000 is the first converter CBC French have used technology to 24/192. He was also the first converter to offer a processor CBC 24/192. The DAC 2000 has always been considered one of the best converters in the world. Many journals have positioned absolute reference. He has received numerous awards. The DAC 2000 CBC is a unique, upscale converter. The DAC 2000 CBC uses technology architected for dual mono. The right channel and left channel is completely independent. Audio circuit boards are TEFLON, the tracks are gilded with gold. TEFLON dramatically improves the audio quality of the DAC 2000 CBC. The sound is much faster, much more dynamic, more precise, more musical. SRC (Sampling Rate Converter) is revolutionary system which reformats the signals 24/192.
And a CD with the original stream is 16 bits at 44.1 kHz and is translated into 24 bits and 192 kHz. This provides a considerable gain in sound quality. The sound is clearer, more dynamic and stereo image more beautiful. The DAC 2000 CBC has a phase switch which allows a more accurate sound reproduction, if indeed the majority of discs are recorded correctly, there are too many records that are stored in opposite phase. With its phase inverter allows the DAC 2000 CBC listening comfort without compromise.

The output stages use a particular technology types 4 independent channels. Two channels are used for the right channel, two channels for the left channel. The heart of the converter is symmetrical assembly. By using two channels through the symmetrization is perfect. Take the right path, a pilot channel the positive signal, a second pilot channel the negative. The process is identical for the left channel. In these conditions, each pole of the signal is processed separately. The assembly of symmetrical type is observed on the entire circuit. Each channel uses two floors. The input stage is very low noise to increase sensitivity and therefore decrease the amount of distortion. The second floor is used at very high speed section. Under these conditions it is possible to obtain an audio section with a very dynamic distortion exceptional.

The DAC 2000 CBC provides a very high sound quality is unparalleled. It is undoubtedly a reference undisputed.


NEW: The new range of DVD Player 3D LAB. is progressive scan PAL and NTSC. Three options (DVI PS-500, PS-2000 LITE PS-2000 FULL) can also be added (additional information on this option to).

MILLENNIUM The DVD features video circuit high-end professionals and CV2 famous video card, providing an unparalleled image. This map is programmable in CVBS, Y / C, YUV, RGB, S-RGB, RGB SH-SV, Synchro CVBS, Y Synchro, Synchro pure. It is equipped with five BNC outputs CVBS professionnelles.Il available in RCA, Y / C mini DIN, and SCART-RGB. It is advisable to use in order: RGB. First, the Y / C in second, then the CVBS. The CV2 is equipped with video amplifiers ULTRAFAST that provide unmatched image quality, more info in the form CV2 site.


The mechanical high-end 3D LAB ADS has unusual characteristics. It is made of heavy gauge aluminum, its walls are fixed mass anti-vibration. They are architected in multilayers based on three different materials in sandwich structure. Employing this method offers many advantages. Mechanics and is free of any vibration, stiffness is a maximum, it has a perfect neutrality. The mechanics of 3D LAB ADS is not a simple mechanism. It is a mechanical high-end high performance allowing full compliance signal.


On the new range of DVD OSD has been greatly improved.