The ATOLL ELECTRONIQUE company was founded in September 1997 by 2 brothers : Stéphane & Emmanuel DUBREUIL. Right from the start the philosophy was to address a lack in the market : no reasonably priced true high-end audio electronics for budget-conscious audiophiles.

The initial product range was based on integrated pre-main amplifiers and power amplifiers : IN50 – IN 80- PR100 – AM50 – AM80
Those products are still available today but have been regularly improved over time in order to reach perfection (and to finally arrived today with the SE series).
After a promising take-off in sales during the summer of 1998, very good press reviews in France and throughout Europe, and an expanding network of satisfied distributors and resellers, a new model was launched : the AM100 Power Amplifier.

Then, by the end of 1998, the first CD players went into production, with the full range available from the beginning : C50- CD80 – CD100.

By the end of 1999, the range of amplifiers extended to 3 Channel units destined to the Home Cinema world, with 3 models available: AV50 – AV80 – AV100.

End of 2000, our current best-sellers also come to the market : the IN100 integrated Pre-Main Amplifier and the high -end PR200 Pre-Amplifier (suitable for the AM100 power amplifier). All our models are available in both Black or Silver finish, with their own universal remote control.

Because of the successful expansion of the company, a new manufacturing plant is built and the company starts production in those amazing facilities in October 2001, with a completely reorganized production process allowing for even better quality in manufacturing and in test and control.

The new plant building becomes an icon in the Normandy region of France thanks to its innovative and architecturally sophisticated design, similar to our audio units, with our famous “ATOLL” logo in front of it.

In the Fall of 2004, ATOLL launches its long-awaited (about 3 years) Audio- Video DSP processor Pre-Amplifier, the PR5.1. This product not only gives the Best to Home cinema lovers (DTS, Dolby Pro-Logic II, etc…), but is essentially built first of all as an audio unit, on the same basis as our top Pre-amplifier PR200 in order to allow for exactly the same level of audio performance as our 100% audio units. ATOLL was then the first Audio brand in France getting licenced from DTS® and DOLBY®.

In order to propose always more hi-end restitution and provide our brand lovers upper class products, we lauch in 2005 the best sellers IN200, PR300 & AM200 and the CD200. Immediat success was given to those machines which performances gives opportunity to setup a real Hi-end system at an affordable price.

Following years (2007 & 2008) were concentrate on re-thinking previous products (manufacturing and quality sound) by changing to MK3 CD players versions, and to SE series (IN50-80-100 and PR100-200).

Then the Hi-end line was completed by a DVD player (DVD200) and a CD-SACD player (SACD200) which design and audio performances are the Atoll’s flag of quality.

ATOLL ELECTRONIQUE now sells its products all over the world in Europe, the Americas and Asia, including Japan. We address the needs of the most demanding audiophiles and sound performance lovers, while giving them a clean, neat and beautiful European design that will be enhancing their interior homes. Our passion is stronger then ever, and we pursue perfection and satisfaction day by day for the sheer pleasure of our customers.